Fighting With Music

Browsing through this site, you’re going to read a lot of music this and rhythm that. But “how does it work ?”, you might ask. “How do I fight someone with music ?”. You are not going to have to sing out loud or dance in front of your phone, although we actively encourage you to do so, for the sake of healthy physical exercise and unexpected socializing. But all you really need to do is pick a song and an opponent. He’ll receive your summon and answer with a song of his own.

The musical duel is literally “your music versus their music”, the song you picked against the one your opponent chose. Artifacts may tweak the score and give you bonuses, but it is basically the value of one song against the value of another. Since musical taste is so varied and there is no good way to say which song is better then another, we really pushed our little brains and came up with an original, unique system for rating music. We call it the “Song Rating System” or SRS.


But this is not like a pop chart. “What song is the most popular ?” is far too easy and changing over time. Wavelength and frequency analysis give perfect raw data, but doesn’t express sentiment. And neither would make for an interesting gameplay. What made the roleplaying game such a success is that each player brought his songs, tried to find which one was most adapted to the action and the game master could interpret it (and its results ingame) with all the human subtlety and array of emotions that the music inspired. For this app, we needed a way to measure thru the math (which we’ll spare you) this extraordinary ability of music to touch us.

With the SRS, each one of you, the players, can rate any song you play or encounter. The rating is very simply done on a 5 branch scale, like the sliders on one of these old multitrack recorders (or a sound lab software for those too young to have known them). The 5 branches are designed to translate a personal appreciation, how you “feel” about the song, in a reliable, quick and easy fashion. Each of these branches represents a way to look at music as well as a banner of the Songmasters. The SRS is really at the core of the game system and must be kept a secret for now. More details, notably the name of the branches will be revealed just before launch.

By regrouping all the ratings of a particular song by all the players, the SRS attributes specific (and secret!) scores in each branch. Based on these, are calculated points and victory and as new ratings are made, a song’s score will evolve and change. This way your song may win in the first branch, but lose in the second, giving you points in some branches and not others. Try out new songs or bring back old ones to balance your points and make your caharacter a powerful Songmaster.

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