SONGMASTERS : THE GAME    Songmasters, a musical universe In Songmasters, You are immersed in a world where music plays a fundamental role. The very structure »

Browsing through this site, you’re going to read a lot of music this and rhythm that. But “how does it work ?”, you might ask. »

 The margassian galaxy contains millions of planets, among which only a few hundreds are inhabitable (many of which had to be terraformed first). At the »

 What are the Armogaste Banners ?   “The way we hear music shapes the way we use it.” - Lirfax d’Amontario A banner is a path »

On the outer reaches, the Ephreti await the end of their forced exile.   On the fringes of society, the Garciake wastelands.   The paradise »

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